Grocery shopping

5 Tips for Successful Grocery Shopping

Grocery shopping is an inevitable part of life. Especially if you’re one who loves cooking ( and not just ordering from outside), grocery shopping is one of the crucial monthly tasks which you have to do right. So here are a few tips to consider to ensure your grocery shopping trip is completely organised and efficient – read on:

An organised list

Spending an hour before you actually hit the store to prepare a grocery list would save you both time and money. So instead of walking down the supermarket aisles cluelessly wondering what to buy and ending up buying the stuff you actually don’t require, prepare a list! A list is always a safe bet that will save you a lot of time and money too.


Fill your tummy

Don’t ever go to buy groceries on an empty stomach. You’re sure to end up buying something you actually don’t need but end up buying just because your empty tummy is craving for it! So remember always head to the supermarket with a full tummy – no temptations, nothing! You’ll magically bring home only the items mentioned in your list.

Careful with the perishable stuff

We know you have a top class refrigerator to store stuff in it for weeks, but that doesn’t mean you go in and buy all the stuff you see. You got to be extra careful with the perishable items, so make sure you got yourself covered only for the upcoming week when it comes to veggies, fruits, meat and fish. Rest of the supplies you can buy to cover yourself for the month.


Fresh over frozen

Unless you really require frozen foods, don’t opt for them. Fresh items always win brownie points over frozen foods, especially when it comes to health and quality too. Plus, the fresh stuff is way cheaper than the frozen stuff and is free of preservatives too. So yes, fresh foods are the safe bet!

Don’t fall for discounts and appealing combos

Unless the combo actually appeals both you and your pocket, go ahead. Else, just shut down your ears to it and move ahead sticking to your list! Also, discounts are no kind souls either – check out why exactly the products are put up on discount – if you agree to it and really need that in your home, but it, else – keep moving ahead ignoring all the appealing discounts.


How to shop for clothes

Shopping for clothes can be a tedious task – especially if you’re a shopaholic and end up buying everything that makes your eyes pop out those heart emojis! Here’s a guide on how to make the most of your trip to the shopping mall and buy the best clothes which you require and need, and not end up splurging for no reason:

1. What’s the occasion?

While it’s not necessary you need to have a reason to go shop, it’s always best to have the occasion in mind ( if there’s one round the corner). This way, you will be in a better frame of mind to know exactly what kind of clothes you need to pick for the occasion – formal, semi-formal, casual, and so on. If the occasion has a dress or a colour code, it’s even easier to zero down to the shopping part.

Shopping Clothes

2. Fix up a budget

No matter what, your budget for shopping has to be fixed. If you have the proper budget in hand, you will try to look out for the best possible fit – the one that fits in both you and your budget! So yes, a budget is essential.

3. Decide the shopping locations

Where will you possibly find the best bet for the clothes you are looking for? You always have your go-to locations where you know you’ll find the clothes you want. Else, what are those blessed with a great fashions sense friends for? All you have to do is ring them up and ask them for recommendations where you would easily find budget-friendly clothing!

4. Start selecting

Whatever catches your eye, just pick it out. You can alter try out the clothing and then zero down to the one you like. Everyone has a style, so whether you want to go with it or against it is totally on you. We all have our favourite colour palette which we just love and opt for when shopping. Go for what looks best, try it out and then choose one which suits you and your budget the best.


How to shop for kids

If you actually go shopping for kids, you’ll know that kids wear these days is much more expensive than anything else! And yes, shopping for kids is one of the toughest tasks to do – you have to manage not only the budget and some good looking clothes but also the kids tantrums and their demands to purchase something silly! So if kids shopping something you love to do, yet it worries you – here are a few tips which will help!

1. Choose soft fabric:

Always remember, comfort comes first – for both you as well as your kids. The little ones are always running around and up to something, so ensure that the clothing they wear is light and comfortable. Try and opt for soft materials of good quality. These fabrics will be just perfect for your active kids. Also, try to choose quality clothing material – as the usage of children of pretty rough, a tough, but the soft fabric will just do.

Shopping kids

2. Pretty clothes in the backseat:

No matter how badly you want to pick that sparkly dress for your daughter or shiny suit for your son, keep in mind that, the fabrics of these clothes are usually not comfortable and just look great. Your child will probably get irritable and cranky after wearing the dress for a long time – so yes, fashion takes the backseat.

3. No extra ribbons, buttons:

The more minimalistic your little one’s clothes are, the better it is for both of you. No dramatic and scary episodes of choking on anything that was pulled off a clothing item! So make sure that the child’s clothes doesn’t have much of it all. Even if the clothing does have all these extra embellishments, ensure that they’re well secured and won’t come off easily.


4. Darker colours palette:

You may love to experiment with the brighter shades when it comes to kids, but reserve these colourful coloured clothes for special occasions only. For their daily use clothing, it’s best you resort to darker shades which hide all the stains and won’t show them easily. Easy to maintain clothes are a must when it comes to little ones.

5. Check the right size:

Don’t just end up buying a size larger because well, your kids are going to grow up pretty soon. Ensure you’ve picked up the right size. The proper size rule also applies to someone who is planning to gift the child a set of clothing. Try the clothes on the child itself – you will have a better idea about the right size.

Smart Shopping Tips

Shopping is an inevitable part of our lives- whether it’s grocery, clothes, appliances – the list of things which we keep requiring every other day is just endless. And most of the times, we end up splurging and crossing budgets – ending up buying the things we don’t even require! Don’t let that happen to you, instead, here are a few shopping tips which you should consider to be a smart shopper:

1. Prepare a budget:

Always, being with a budget. A specific part of your salary has to be allocated to the shopping budget every month. And you have to try your best to stick to this budget. If it goes a little beyond your budget, it’s fine – but a huge difference in your shopping bill and shopping budget won’t work! So yes, keep your eyes wide open when you’re shopping and look out for the prices of the stuff you intend to purchase to avoid over-spending!

2. Prepare a list:

Entering a shopping mall or supermarket with a mind full of ideas and no list is hand is a big no! If you want to be a sorted and smart shopper, all you got to do is prepare a list of the things you actually require. Recheck the list – is there anything in the list which you can totally do without? Strike it off! You’ll not only end up saving money but also a lot of fo time while shopping!

Shopping Tips

3. Compare and check prices and discounts:

As a smart shopper, you need not fall for expensive brands. There are quite a lot of reasonably priced, good quality brands which you can totally rely on. Amp up your research game, and you’ll know that sometimes the high-end brands which you opt for not only pinch your pocket but also end up giving you mediocre quality products. Also, check out for discounts while you’re shopping. Keep your ears and eyes open for any special discount tags or announcements in the mall.

4. Pay with cash:

Don’t take along your debit or credit card while you go shopping. It’s like the universe is tempting you to buy more stuff because, hey, you got the money to pay, don’t you? But don’t let this happen to you – instead, withdraw the cash you require for shopping and then step into the mall. The constant worry of buying excess and not being able to whip out enough cash at the counter will haunt you enough not to buy a lot of stuff!